Night~ A Reflection V. 3

“I am not a saint. I’m a simple creature of flesh and bone. I suffer hell in my soul and my flesh. I also have eyes and I see what is being done here.  Where is gods mercy? Where’s God? How can I believe, how can anyone believe in this God of Mercy?”

This is a statement made by a pastor in the camp with Elie. I pick this quote because it shows that even in our darkest times we don’t see the light. This man who had given his life to God, was now starting to question it. The Jewish people believed that their God would save them, but where was God? In the gallows? In the empty homes where innocent people were taken, beaten and killed all because of believing in him? Where is the savior? It’s a lot of questions to ask for one man, even a man of his faith. My biggest question is even when they needed him why didn’t he help them?

God works in mysterious ways. In my understanding of this quote is that the pastor asked them to pray for him. To pray for his soul on his way to eternal life. Even after he had questioned his God and felt weary of his beliefs. God was with him, giving him the strength to go when he was called. I think that it is hard for people to understand that there is a reason for everything. As for the Holocaust we may never know the main purpose.


Night~ A Reflection V. 2

“Never shall I forget those flames which consumed my faith forever. Never shall I forget that nocturnal silence which deprived me, for all eternity, of the desire to live. Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust. Never shall I forget these things, even if I am condemned to live as long as God Himself. Never.”

~Elie Wiesel Chapter 3

Reflection on the quote

I feel like this quote says a lot about Elie as a human, as a boy, and as a Jew. His whole life was about to be flipped around on it’s axis, and there was nothing he could do about it. The only thing he could control was the amount of fear and hope the Nazis pushed in and out of him. The saying “You get what you give.” Does apply in someways to this quote. The Nazis gave the Jews names, tags, brands, and false senses of hope. They also gave them new ways of fear and torture. In a way for some Jews that fear turned to hatred, which then turned into a fuel to feed into the fire that the Nazis had created. It is almost as if they filled a abyss with gasoline and set a match upon it. The force would be greater than they could ever imagine. That’s what was burning inside of Elie. This didn’t just mean war to the Jewish community, nor did it mean survival. It meant extermination, genocide, of innocent people. It meant that they would have to survive at all costs, to make sure that they’re suffering wasn’t for nothing.

To say that this never happened to the Jewish families that did not survive the holocaust would be stating that their suffering was for nothing. It would be as of they were the new faces on the blank pages of a history book. Never to opened, never to be relived and to never be learned from. These families rights were taken from them. Their religion, safety, and homes were are taken away on the false accusations that they caused destruction to Germany.  I feel that these reasons also led to the writing of this quote. It was meant to hit home with people and just tell them how truly awful humans can be.I feel that this quote helps lay out the fears and the hatred that would soon boil into the survival of Elie Wiesel.

Night~ A reflection V. 1

” They dwell in the depths of our souls and remain there until we die.” 

The Beginning of the horrors of the Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler was to begin. It would strike fear into the hearts of the innocent and kill many. What I take from this quote is that we as humans, are capable of mass destruction. Of lies built upon lies to prove someone’s race, religion, and color wrong. Thus coming back to the main idea of this quote. I believe that Hitler had this idea growing and churning in the dark depths of his soul. It was just he needed the proper time to execute his plans. Thus making war a perfect cover up. In all his grand plans and ideas, the Holocaust was by far the worst. Maybe for all those innocent civilians life, death and terror were are mashed into one. Their lives were a mere scratch on the surface of Hitler’s real plan. World domination, and his superior race tactics that soon proved wrong. I also feel that this part of the text represents that the building tension of this war was inevitable. It also to me shows how the Jews felt against the Nazis.

Many people were trying to make the most out of this awful time in history. Most families tried to play this off like everything would get better, but it wouldn’t. For the Jewish families in Sighet the times of war were to get far worse than they ever thought possible. I also think that in a sense this could represent hope. A hope that dies as time goes on and slowly stays to die in the depths of our souls. Hope for these innocent people was close to none. I think that to have hope was almost like having your death wish signed and delivered. No one could have ever imagined the horrors Hitler portrayed. The sade truth; There was more to come.

TKAM- In His Shoes

This is the story and background of how Mr Tom Robinson was not treated equal by our justice system. It also goes to show the way that he lived his life in peace and pride.

In Their Shoes

Mr. Tom Robinson

In the story “To Kill A Mockingbird”  Tom was the innocent man in the book. He was being accused of rape and of a crime he didn’t commit. As I was looking through the book to find a quote, or a phrase to describe him as a person. Or what made him the man he was. All I came across was a quote stated by Jem.


Once you have a drop of negro blood in you, that makes you all black.”


I think that this quote has a lot of meaning to the moral of the story. I believe that this quote means that no matter who you are, or how nice you are there will always be another way to bring you down. It also means that no matter your heritage people will be able to bring you down just based on your color of your skin. It also means that no matter the good that you can do, the bad will always show just based on someone’s one opinion.


The Feet

For the feet I have chosen to make two clay black feet. I made them out of clay to represent how he worked on the land and how when he died he was returned to the land in which he was born. I then used Wire to create handcuffs to wrap around the feet to represent the hold the law had on him. Also how they didn’t let him tell the truth just so a white trash girl could live her life on. The background has been painted with black and red to represent blood, innocent blood. Because he was killed over something he didn’t do. I also had printed words that represented something about him, as in “father, husband and justice.” Some of these words were not used towards him as in justice, he was not served justice.

Between a horse’s ears

It has always been something that everyone has always told me. It had almost became my reputation, or known thing. I don’t think it was by accident. My love and passion for the sport of rodeo had started well before i could walk. Here’s a little background to tell you how it all happened. I was about two or three years old when i received a very “big” birthday present. A trailer and pickup parked out front to my disposal. Only the one thing I can think of is great another cow. Instead my mother handed me a pink ticket, which also led to more questions which were only answered by I don’t knows, or wait and see.  So as any child would do I waited for years it felt like. The truth being it had only been minutes.

My parents had this all planned out, I just didn’t know it yet. After climbing into the pickup and listening to what sounded like scratching tires we arrived at the destination. Of course being as young as I was I had many questions. Some of course at the time had no answers, others were just set aside until I would muster the courage to get out of the truck and go see my surprise. Of course this was before i had figured out what was waiting for me.

I can’t even find the words to describe the reaction I had as a young child getting out of that pickup. I had done this many times before, but this time was different. This time was for me and my pleasure. As I said, It didn’t take me long after i realized what was waiting for me. A spotted dapple grey appaloosa horse, which just blew my mind. After all I didn’t have a horse at home before now. This was different, he had a bow around his halter and a note that read I’m all yours. Of course I couldn’t reach the note because of the massive size of this horse, that was called Barney. I just couldn’t believe that he was mine, and that my mother, father, grandparents, and friends had came to give me this amazing surprise.

Of course Barney came home with me, to the farm where he would live in the pastures and teach me valuable lessons. That is, if I could stay on most of the time. When I was little I had to rely on my older family members to help me saddle and get on my horse. Even though I found new ways, whether it be climbing on the pickup bed and throwing on the saddle that weighed the amount of me. Or Stacking blocks in order to get on my horse. It became known of me to be in the barn in all my free time. Whether it be raining or storming, I was there.

It was always nice to have something to come home to at the end of the day, Barney. Even on days where it was rough my horses shaped me into being more understanding. As I realized the lessons they shared with me. (yes horses are not human but they feed off our emotions.)  I started to learn that sometimes being quiet, and listening to the sounds around you helps relax. It also opened my eyes to the nature of Kansas, but it was between my horses ears.

Ill never forget when they brought my horse home to me, or the memories I made with them. Everyone knew I was always at the barn or with my horses. It was common for me to always talk, draw, and write about my horse. That was me, I was the horse girl of the class. I was also the most outgoing and willing to listen kid in the class. It was always nice to be someones friend, even if i didn’t know them. The rodeos, the shows and the countless hours spent in the barn shaped my being. In other words they are what makes me Jaiden.

Now I know this sounds like a running on story of the first time I got a horse, but it’s really not. This is the reason for who I have and am currently becoming, a young horsewomen. These memories are what I hold onto dearly because they shaped me, made me into a more compassionate person and more understanding. Horses have always had an impact on me and my personality, they are the backbone to some of my stubbornness, and also the reason for my faith in never quitting on my dreams, goals or whatever I had set my mind too at the time.

The truth behind the screen

To start this post off, I do use technology. I am in this world as a normal average person. With that being said I understand the way technology affects society. The question to you the reader is, is it worth it?

Our modern day teens are affected in many ways by the media, socially and emotionally.  Society has made it a point to try and stay up to date with the latest trends and fads of this generation. The trends could be the latest phones or the latest celeb crush.

My generation is the subject of many different talks and important issues. The problem is the technology is our problem. Sure it is great for researching, but what about all the slander on a young women’s beauty? Or a boys dream of becoming a model? This is the problem with society. We slander and hate because we can. we don’t have to look the person in the face and see the pain behind their eyes. We’d rather type a nasty text about how “fake” or unreal they are.

The problem is that they are real. They are the living, breathing teens of this generation. Who are the subjects to condemnation based on their own beliefs. This is whats wrong, technology has enabled us to many great discoveries, but has also halted us from understanding compassion.

In schools now a days they have anti-bullying rallies and social media protection classes/conferences. So society has tried to stop the nonsense from the slandering or online hate, but why has society stopped?

In recent studies about online bullying and technology abuse has led to shootings. Stating “the student wanted to get back at those who have hurt them.”  Which in my opinion is why we have so many teen suicides and shootings. The teens aren’t the problem, it’s all the society nonsense about the perfect social standing and where you fit in based on family name.

Teens are usually suppose to be the new hope for the next generation or our saving grace. Instead they’d rather just push each other to the limits with their social networking, and harsh slandering’s. We are in a society in which we rely on the media to tell us how and what to do. Whether it be how we dress, look, or act.

This is what is wrong with the technology and the teens, we avoid physical emotions to relay back to the computerized screen. I mean no pain no gain, right? Except there is pain, pain for the families whose child will never come back. Pain for those students who feel that the media did them wrong. The truth, it did.

Things to think about from this rant would be ways to prevent or educate children the children of how to use their media appropriately. Instead of saying nasty things on the screen say it to their face. Yes, it will still hurt the other person, but it would also hurt you. It would hurt in the way that you have to look them in the eyes as you tear them apart emotionally.

Yes that may be harsh to say but it’s the truth. Teens are the subjects of social slandering. Being yourself is meaning to openly throw yourself to the wolves that lie like predators waiting to make their move. The best part for them is that to them it’s a game of chess, or mere child play that they know like the back of their hand.

Another thing to try in this day and age is tell our teens that they are worth everything. Also bringing social media down from the top of the totem pole of society. Along with that just taking earlier precautions with the technology and media that are given to the children.

To conclude this opinionated article I leave with these last thoughts. What we do now to control our children and how media affects them will effect us in the future. So we could let it lie dormant like a virus and wait for it to overpower the whole world. Or we could step up and claim responsibility for the problems that we have created for ourselves.

What we do now will effect us in the future. Between teen mobs, suicides, and high school shootings.We can stop these if we show compassion and actually tackle theses head on instead of brushing it off.