Night~ A reflection V. 1

” They dwell in the depths of our souls and remain there until we die.” 

The Beginning of the horrors of the Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler was to begin. It would strike fear into the hearts of the innocent and kill many. What I take from this quote is that we as humans, are capable of mass destruction. Of lies built upon lies to prove someone’s race, religion, and color wrong. Thus coming back to the main idea of this quote. I believe that Hitler had this idea growing and churning in the dark depths of his soul. It was just he needed the proper time to execute his plans. Thus making war a perfect cover up. In all his grand plans and ideas, the Holocaust was by far the worst. Maybe for all those innocent civilians life, death and terror were are mashed into one. Their lives were a mere scratch on the surface of Hitler’s real plan. World domination, and his superior race tactics that soon proved wrong. I also feel that this part of the text represents that the building tension of this war was inevitable. It also to me shows how the Jews felt against the Nazis.

Many people were trying to make the most out of this awful time in history. Most families tried to play this off like everything would get better, but it wouldn’t. For the Jewish families in Sighet the times of war were to get far worse than they ever thought possible. I also think that in a sense this could represent hope. A hope that dies as time goes on and slowly stays to die in the depths of our souls. Hope for these innocent people was close to none. I think that to have hope was almost like having your death wish signed and delivered. No one could have ever imagined the horrors Hitler portrayed. The sade truth; There was more to come.


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