TKAM- In His Shoes

This is the story and background of how Mr Tom Robinson was not treated equal by our justice system. It also goes to show the way that he lived his life in peace and pride.

In Their Shoes

Mr. Tom Robinson

In the story “To Kill A Mockingbird”  Tom was the innocent man in the book. He was being accused of rape and of a crime he didn’t commit. As I was looking through the book to find a quote, or a phrase to describe him as a person. Or what made him the man he was. All I came across was a quote stated by Jem.


Once you have a drop of negro blood in you, that makes you all black.”


I think that this quote has a lot of meaning to the moral of the story. I believe that this quote means that no matter who you are, or how nice you are there will always be another way to bring you down. It also means that no matter your heritage people will be able to bring you down just based on your color of your skin. It also means that no matter the good that you can do, the bad will always show just based on someone’s one opinion.


The Feet

For the feet I have chosen to make two clay black feet. I made them out of clay to represent how he worked on the land and how when he died he was returned to the land in which he was born. I then used Wire to create handcuffs to wrap around the feet to represent the hold the law had on him. Also how they didn’t let him tell the truth just so a white trash girl could live her life on. The background has been painted with black and red to represent blood, innocent blood. Because he was killed over something he didn’t do. I also had printed words that represented something about him, as in “father, husband and justice.” Some of these words were not used towards him as in justice, he was not served justice.