Between a horse’s ears

It has always been something that everyone has always told me. It had almost became my reputation, or known thing. I don’t think it was by accident. My love and passion for the sport of rodeo had started well before i could walk. Here’s a little background to tell you how it all happened. I was about two or three years old when i received a very “big” birthday present. A trailer and pickup parked out front to my disposal. Only the one thing I can think of is great another cow. Instead my mother handed me a pink ticket, which also led to more questions which were only answered by I don’t knows, or wait and see.  So as any child would do I waited for years it felt like. The truth being it had only been minutes.

My parents had this all planned out, I just didn’t know it yet. After climbing into the pickup and listening to what sounded like scratching tires we arrived at the destination. Of course being as young as I was I had many questions. Some of course at the time had no answers, others were just set aside until I would muster the courage to get out of the truck and go see my surprise. Of course this was before i had figured out what was waiting for me.

I can’t even find the words to describe the reaction I had as a young child getting out of that pickup. I had done this many times before, but this time was different. This time was for me and my pleasure. As I said, It didn’t take me long after i realized what was waiting for me. A spotted dapple grey appaloosa horse, which just blew my mind. After all I didn’t have a horse at home before now. This was different, he had a bow around his halter and a note that read I’m all yours. Of course I couldn’t reach the note because of the massive size of this horse, that was called Barney. I just couldn’t believe that he was mine, and that my mother, father, grandparents, and friends had came to give me this amazing surprise.

Of course Barney came home with me, to the farm where he would live in the pastures and teach me valuable lessons. That is, if I could stay on most of the time. When I was little I had to rely on my older family members to help me saddle and get on my horse. Even though I found new ways, whether it be climbing on the pickup bed and throwing on the saddle that weighed the amount of me. Or Stacking blocks in order to get on my horse. It became known of me to be in the barn in all my free time. Whether it be raining or storming, I was there.

It was always nice to have something to come home to at the end of the day, Barney. Even on days where it was rough my horses shaped me into being more understanding. As I realized the lessons they shared with me. (yes horses are not human but they feed off our emotions.)  I started to learn that sometimes being quiet, and listening to the sounds around you helps relax. It also opened my eyes to the nature of Kansas, but it was between my horses ears.

Ill never forget when they brought my horse home to me, or the memories I made with them. Everyone knew I was always at the barn or with my horses. It was common for me to always talk, draw, and write about my horse. That was me, I was the horse girl of the class. I was also the most outgoing and willing to listen kid in the class. It was always nice to be someones friend, even if i didn’t know them. The rodeos, the shows and the countless hours spent in the barn shaped my being. In other words they are what makes me Jaiden.

Now I know this sounds like a running on story of the first time I got a horse, but it’s really not. This is the reason for who I have and am currently becoming, a young horsewomen. These memories are what I hold onto dearly because they shaped me, made me into a more compassionate person and more understanding. Horses have always had an impact on me and my personality, they are the backbone to some of my stubbornness, and also the reason for my faith in never quitting on my dreams, goals or whatever I had set my mind too at the time.