The truth behind the screen

To start this post off, I do use technology. I am in this world as a normal average person. With that being said I understand the way technology affects society. The question to you the reader is, is it worth it?

Our modern day teens are affected in many ways by the media, socially and emotionally.  Society has made it a point to try and stay up to date with the latest trends and fads of this generation. The trends could be the latest phones or the latest celeb crush.

My generation is the subject of many different talks and important issues. The problem is the technology is our problem. Sure it is great for researching, but what about all the slander on a young women’s beauty? Or a boys dream of becoming a model? This is the problem with society. We slander and hate because we can. we don’t have to look the person in the face and see the pain behind their eyes. We’d rather type a nasty text about how “fake” or unreal they are.

The problem is that they are real. They are the living, breathing teens of this generation. Who are the subjects to condemnation based on their own beliefs. This is whats wrong, technology has enabled us to many great discoveries, but has also halted us from understanding compassion.

In schools now a days they have anti-bullying rallies and social media protection classes/conferences. So society has tried to stop the nonsense from the slandering or online hate, but why has society stopped?

In recent studies about online bullying and technology abuse has led to shootings. Stating “the student wanted to get back at those who have hurt them.”¬† Which in my opinion is why we have so many teen suicides and shootings. The teens aren’t the problem, it’s all the society nonsense about the perfect social standing and where you fit in based on family name.

Teens are usually suppose to be the new hope for the next generation or our saving grace. Instead they’d rather just push each other to the limits with their social networking, and harsh slandering’s. We are in a society in which we rely on the media to tell us how and what to do. Whether it be how we dress, look, or act.

This is what is wrong with the technology and the teens, we avoid physical emotions to relay back to the computerized screen. I mean no pain no gain, right? Except there is pain, pain for the families whose child will never come back. Pain for those students who feel that the media did them wrong. The truth, it did.

Things to think about from this rant would be ways to prevent or educate children the children of how to use their media appropriately. Instead of saying nasty things on the screen say it to their face. Yes, it will still hurt the other person, but it would also hurt you. It would hurt in the way that you have to look them in the eyes as you tear them apart emotionally.

Yes that may be harsh to say but it’s the truth. Teens are the subjects of social slandering. Being yourself is meaning to openly throw yourself to the wolves that lie like predators waiting to make their move. The best part for them is that to them it’s a game of chess, or mere child play that they know like the back of their hand.

Another thing to try in this day and age is tell our teens that they are worth everything. Also bringing social media down from the top of the totem pole of society. Along with that just taking earlier precautions with the technology and media that are given to the children.

To conclude this opinionated article I leave with these last thoughts. What we do now to control our children and how media affects them will effect us in the future. So we could let it lie dormant like a virus and wait for it to overpower the whole world. Or we could step up and claim responsibility for the problems that we have created for ourselves.

What we do now will effect us in the future. Between teen mobs, suicides, and high school shootings.We can stop these if we show compassion and actually tackle theses head on instead of brushing it off.